Generating sales is a vital part of launching a startup business. While securing prospects remains crucial to a business’ immediate success, it can also become a detriment to productivity if a business requires its sales staff to generate their own leads. In fact, many sales people can adequately generate leads, even if they loathe this particular task. However, once they have a steady stream of leads coming in, they may be unable to cultivate and maintain these prospects because of their other duties, such as taking care of existing clients and accounts. Rather than allow any aspect of the business to suffer, business owners should immediately hire a team that can secure leads and keep sales coming into the company.Cold Calling

Despite this well-intended advice, however, owners may argue that their companies just are not big or stable enough yet to hire sales development reps. They may fear losing money or compromising their sales team’s ability to move the product or services the company offers. However, business owners should abide by the 80/20 rule to help convince them to hire new business development reps; that is, if a sales person is spending more than 20 percent of his or her time on a particular business-related task, it is time for the company to hire someone to take care of that task for the sales person. Hiring a team of dedicated sales development reps will actually help the business make money instead of losing it.

Moreover, a team of professional sales development representatives will help the sales staff make money by passing on valid leads to them. In fact, these reps are not responsible for closing deals; their primary duty would be to find sales leads, make sure that these leads are legitimate, and then pass them onto sales professionals who can then close on these prospects. The team members do not detract from the sales specialists’ abilities to earn money and commissions. The sales staff benefits and the business itself can increase its revenue intake.

With that, we stand ready to offer startup businesses our expertise in selling their products. We know how to engage top level decision makers. Our priority is not to sell, but to identify solutions that can help clients who retain our services. With our consultation services, we can generate the leads businesses need to stay profitable and then pass those leads onto competent sales professionals.