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If you’re any kind of marketing rebel, it’s very likely that you would want a job in this manic madhouse called SalesZip at some point in your work-life. Call us obsessive, but every resume is received by the management teams. Before you apply, here are some things you absolutely must know:

Covering notes are cool
No really. However ‘corporate’ a covering note might sound, it’s actually quite useful. And anything that’s useful has got our vote. The powers that be (read: people who would be hiring you) would respond better if you sent an email that gives a summary of who you are, what you’re doing in our part of the business and why you’re interested in joining us. That being said, we heart brevity. Keep it short & smart and you’ve got one foot in the door.

The Art of the Resume
First – Don’t ‘forget’ to attach the resume. Second – Don’t ‘forget’ to attach past work references. Yes it is important. Coming back to the resume itself, it would be really nice if you could focus on the important and relevant stuff. Congrats that you were school monitor and all but no that won’t really help your case.

Social, and all that!
If you are on twitter, send us your handle. It’s the new new thing to do, we recognize that as very cool and all that. A LinkedIn profile link would also be appropriate.We are like those attention seeking people, comes with the territoryWe hate being a part of your “mailing list”, where you copy every companies HR department as well hoping one out of 50 will call you back. That’s very uncool. We will delete your application in a nanosecond.

Subject Lines can make or break you
Reality check. Yes, SalesZip is as busy or probably busier than your average stock broker. Which means a lot of email. Which means no time for emails without subject lines or worse, with ones that make no sense. Like ‘Hello’ or ‘Career’ (yes that actually did happen). A simple ‘Application for post of…’ would be good.

Apply for a position that’s (at least) related to what we do.
It would help if you could read up on WHAT we do, and assess if you have a skill or talent that could fit in with what we do. We’re not looking for Marine Engineers at this time, thank you. We ARE however looking for mad passionate sellers, copywriters, graphic artists, technologists, people who ‘get’ social media and other such things.

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